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BridTV is a fast-growing technology company and enterprise-level video monetization solution. Owing to our powerful HTML5 player, high-spec video platform, and content management system, we are now devoted to helping our publishers grow and monetize their respective audiences. With offices based in Los Angeles (US) and Belgrade (SER), BridTV is swiftly climbing toward the very summit of online video publishing and advertising.

Client Dedication, Trust and Team Spirit

The passion, which drives us to keep perfecting our video technology, has also allowed us to create a strong bond with our clients. When web publishers look to improve and streamline their online businesses, they are confident about turning to BridTV when overcoming any challenge they happen to be facing. Behind all of this is a team of hardworking, loyal and dedicated developers, designers, and various experts in the tech industry. You too can be a part of this team...

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BRID TV's Rapid Growth

Feb. 2019
Feb. 2019
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Our offices

Our Team Leaders

Uroš Jojić


Fabien Ricard


Miloš Todorović


Borivoj Ivanović

Creative Director

Jelica Zelić


Uroš Pavlović

Director of Marketing

Marija Matejić

Head of HR

Nina Ivanović

Director of Accounts

Our Clients

  • "Intuitive and reliable video platform, with extensive monetization options."
  • "Always supportive, always helpful, the dedicated team of experts at BridTV helped us enhance our monetization strategy by custom-creating extremely efficient video ad tech."
  • "BridTV enabled us to restructure, and redefine our video online business. The HTML5 Video Player and Outstream Ads are reliable, fast and straightforward."

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