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April 19, 2019
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April 25, 2019

HTML 5 Video Player Upgrade: 7 Top Benefits of Ad Tag Monetization

BridTV recently launched a heavily enhanced edition of the powerful analytics engine. Coinciding with this release, we have also upgraded the video player monetization segment to streamlines our groundbreaking ad tech, so that publishers can generate their income faster than ever.

Whatever you need to do, our lightweight HMTL 5 video player was crafted to make it happen.
Every step of the way, as our in-house tech improves, thus allowing you to rely on an even wider selection of features and options when it comes to ad optimization, ad performance and video content management and video monetization in general.

7 Top Benefits of Ad Tag Monetization

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The core advantages of this newfangled ad tag monetization system are massive and they will give publishers a chance to improve their respective online businesses by intelligently implementing their monetization strategy. As soon as you have gone through the setup and optimization process (which is pretty straightforward thanks to the new monetization option in place), you get the following advantages:

  1. Saved by the waterfall: unlimited ad tag waterfall support. Just to make things clear, if you’re not aware, ad tag waterfalling is a mighty helpful facet of the BridTV video platform. It helps publishers sell off their remnant inventory, which would otherwise end up unused. Learn more about ad tag waterfalling here.
  2. Simple tracking and optimization: publishers can keep track and edit their ad tags as they see fit. Very intuitive and easy-to-use manner.
  3. Fast ad tag player implementation: The cool thing here is that you can alter your ad tag in one spot, and just wait for the system to propagate the change to all players that utilize that particular ad tag.
  4. Ad tag metrics: In order to formulate your monetization strategy around your business plan, you’ll need accurate performance metrics for your ad tags. Not to worry; publishers are supplied with analytics stats per ad tag. In addition, to these specific analytics, you can check out more about BridTV’s new powerful analytics engine.
  5. GEO: Each ad tag call can be ‘GEO restrict’ – this allows you to have calls strictly within territories, regions and countries that are vital for your target audience. This particular feature also triggers faster player response times.
  6. On/Off: That’s right, ad tags are extremely easy to deactivate and activate, so it’s a simple ‘on’ and ‘off’ procedure.
  7. Sorting ad tags: Sort ad tags via drag-and-drop; a simple and extremely useful option.

Tweaking your CPM: Publishers can optimize CPM’s for your ad tags. Thanks to the player’s bidding system, this will be a tremendous advantage that allows a steady revenue jump.

Video Ad Standards and Ad Formats

Bear in mind that, the BridTV HMTL 5 video player encompasses two powerful ad SDK’s to show ads. First and foremost, is the added support for both Google IMA SDK and an in-house built-in ad parser. As long as a valid VAST or VPAID response is returned, the Brid player will be able to display your ad.

The Brid video player supports both linear and non-linear ad display. You can check them out below:

  • Linear ads: pre roll, mid roll and post roll.
  • Non-linear ads: overlays, 300×250 banner ads.

Meanwhile, publishers can combine linear and non-linear ads using a single player.

BridTV has a dedicated support, dev team, as well as a Blog Section that’s refreshed regularly with relevant content, covering several industry topics, including digital marketing, video content marketing, and video technology in general. We also provide instructions, detailed guides about our proprietary video player and ad tech, and more so stay put if you want to learn more.