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A Comparison of 7 Best OTT Platforms for Businesses

ott platforms for businesses

With the number of traditional cable TV users declining, more and more consumers are turning toward OTT services for entertainment. That has lead to a rapid boom in the OTT industry. Some experts predict that the online streaming market will be worth more than $120 billion by 2025. Famous OTT streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu have already established a strong foothold in the industry. Their example drove many businesses to start looking for ways to get a share of that lucrative market. That is where professional OTT platforms come in as a ticket into the OTT world!

The best part about OTT is that any content creator or publisher can use it to connect with their audience through video. Regardless of whether you’re a massive media company with millions of monthly visitors or an independent video blogger, OTT platforms allow you to monetize your hard work and grow your business. Whether you wish to lock your content behind a subscription fee or want to earn revenue through video ads, there’s an OTT platform for you out there.

In this article, we will help you find the perfect platform for you or your business! We will be taking a look into some of the best ott platforms and companies you can use to host, manage, and monetize your videos. We will highlight the most prominent features of each platform to help you come to an informed decision.

But before we get to our list, we should familiarize you with some of the basics of OTT platforms.

What Is an OTT Platform?

An OTT (over-the-top) platform allows broadcasters and content creators to deliver video and live streams to audiences worldwide over the internet. That is why these platforms are often viewed as an alternative form of media distribution to traditional cable or satellite TV.

The best part about OTT platforms is that they provide much more than just content delivery services. Publishers can use these to host, manage, and even monetize videos. That is why most businesses and content creators looking for VOD and streaming services are turning to these all-in-one solutions.

OTT TV video solutions often follow an infrastructure-as-a-service model, which helps businesses minimize expenses while allowing near-infinite scalability and maximum efficiency.

Features You Should Look for in an OTT Platform

Before we get to our picks for the best OTT platforms for businesses, let’s see what features you should look for in one and why they are crucial:

Video Hosting

There are many benefits to hosting your videos off-site, so any OTT platform worth its salt will have this option. By having a private hosting service included in your OTT package, you won’t have to worry about storage ever again. You will also have full control over your content’s distribution and privacy. When you add to that the fact that off-site video hosting will ease the strain on your website, increasing its overall speed dramatically, you can likely see why this feature is so vital.


Content delivery is as vital of an aspect as any other with online video solutions. After all, your content has to reach your viewers somehow, doesn’t it?

That is why you must ensure your platform of choice has a reliable, global content delivery network. Having a global CDN is essential for providing the best user experience to viewers accessing your content from remote corners of the world.  

Content Management System (CMS)

Having a dedicated video content management system (CMS) is useful for creators of all sizes, but it becomes a necessity for enterprise-level publishers. An intuitive video CMS allows users to manage, organize, and embed their videos and streams seamlessly, which is particularly useful for broadcasters with large video libraries. Content management systems usually come with various features like playlists, organizing videos by tags or categories, and many more.

In-Depth Analytics

Performance tracking is crucial for any video professional since it allows creators to see what works and what doesn’t. Having insight into the metrics like video plays, views, video completions, average watch time, viewer demographics, and similar allows creators to adapt their content strategy to fit their audiences’ tastes. That is why real-time analytics is a feature you shouldn’t have to compromise on when picking an OTT platform.

Player Customization

The value of branding should be abundantly clear to anyone who knows anything about the online marketing world. Whether you have a personal brand or a full-fledged business, your brand’s image is your primary selling point. That is why neglecting to customize your video player to fit your brand’s looks and voice can drag you down. We’d recommend looking for a white-label video platform when browsing through different OTT solutions, particularly if you value and actively invest in branding. Settling for one of these will give you access to various player skins, custom player buttons, and branding options. So don’t miss out!


Another excellent feature to have is access to the platform’s API. This option is precious for OTT marketers since it gives publishers access to various customizability options and third-party integrations. Many businesses work with different third-party programs and software daily, so the best way to streamline everyday workflow would be to integrate these services with your video player. As long as you have some coding knowledge or a dedicated developer on your team and access to a platform’s API, you can do just that!


If you’re looking for an OTT platform or company, you’re likely looking for a way to monetize your videos. That means this feature should be a no-brainer! However, not all OTT providers are born equal in terms of monetization options they offer, so you will have to pay attention here. The primary question you should answer before you begin looking is how you want to monetize your videos. There are three OTT monetization models you can settle for, each functioning in an entirely different way:

  • AVOD — This monetization method is an ad-based model where creators earn ad revenue from selling their video ad inventory to advertisers.
  • SVOD — This model is a subscription-based model where creators hide their content behind a small fee that viewers have to pay monthly to access their content.
  • TVOD — This model is a pay-per-view model that gates publishers’ content behind a paywall where users have to pay for each video they want to watch separately.

All of the above monetization models are useful in their own ways, but you will have to base your decision on your business needs and goals and pick a platform accordingly.

7 Best OTT Platforms on the Market in 2020

Now that you know what valuable features to look for in an OTT platform, let’s inspect some of the best ott platforms in the world:

1. Vimeo OTT

vimeo ott logo

Vimeo is one of the OVP industry giants that’s been around since 2004, and it also offers an OTT solution. This platform is popular for launching subscription-based services, and Vimeo makes the process even easier with its intuitive and user-friendly CMS. If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable industry name, Vimeo is the right OTT solution for you.

Most Notable Features
Reliable Security and Privacy Tools
Simulcasting & Multicasting Support
White-Label Player
In-House Hosting & Content Delivery
Variety of Monetization Options
Different Tools for Promoting Engagement
Real-Time Analytics
Free Migration With no Downtime


Vimeo OTT’s has three different pricing plans. Its Starter Plan begins at $1 per subscriber and works on a pay-as-you-go model. The Growth Plan will set you back by $500 a month and includes most of the platform’s features. This plan is also open to customization by contacting Vimeo support. Finally, their Enterprise Plan is tailored to OTT publishers interested in scaling their businesses and requires you to contact Vimeo’s representatives to arrange a custom price.

2. Wowza

wowza logo

Wowza is another reliable OTT platform that’s been in the business for over a decade. This platform is famous for its scalable, highly customizable broadcasting solutions that focus on providing publishers with a wide variety of third-party integrations and full platform API. As useful as this feature is for many marketers out there, Wowza has one significant downside — it doesn’t offer any monetization options.

Most Notable Features
Cloud Streaming Service
Live Encoding & Transcoding
Full API Access
White-Label Player
Ultra HD Streaming (4K)
VR & 360° Streaming
Excellent Security Options


Wowza’s pricing depends on which service you’re looking to settle for — Wowza Streaming Cloud or Wowza Streaming Engine. Both of these services have multiple pricing plans, but both move upwards of $99. So it’s best to consult the platform’s pricing page to get the best insight into their services and fees.

3. Brid.TV

brid.tv logo

Brid.TV is an up-and-coming video and live stream monetization platform that offers both OTT video streaming and VOD hosting and management services. The platform provides a private and secure environment for all publishers looking for an ad-based monetization solution for their videos and streams. Brid.TV prides itself on offering some of the latest monetization features the online advertising technology has to offer. 

Most Notable Features
Secure and Private Video Hosting
Intuitive and User-Friendly CMS
Real-Time Analytics
Multi-Bitrate and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
State-Of-The-Art Monetization Options
White-Label Video Player
Full Access to Platform and Player API
Mobile SDK


Brid.TV has four subscription plans with different platform functionalities. The Free Plan was designed for publishers wanting to try the platform out, but it’s a one-time offer that cannot be renewed once you use up all the bandwidth. The Essentials Plan is an excellent choice for small-to-medium creators who don’t need too many features and costs only $25 a month. The Business Plan prices start at $89 and have multiple tiers with increasing bandwidth limits. This solution is perfect for publishers with higher bandwidth needs and who wish to unlock most of the platform’s features. 

Brid.TV’s Premium Plan is the perfect solution for all enterprise-level publishers looking for a reliable OTT solution with fully customizable pricing based on your needs. Broadcasters interested in this plan will have to contact Brid.TV representatives to learn more about this plan.

4. Uscreen

uscreen logo

Uscreen is an excellent OTT platform for managing video streaming apps on mobile and TV. The platform prides itself on high-quality video, various video monetization options, and plenty of personalization options. If you’re looking for a secure and reliable mobile-focused OTT solution, Uscreen is an excellent choice.

Most Notable Features
In-App Notification and Purchases
Built-In Analytics
Creators Keep 100% of Their Revenue
Centralized CRM
Reliable CDN
Customizable Templates
Airplay and Chromecast Support
Free Hosting at No Extra Cost


Uscreen has three pricing plans — Basic, Amplify, and Enterprise. The platform’s Basic Plan requires a $49 per month subscription fee on top of a $0.50 per subscriber fee but comes with some handy features, including onboarding. The Amplify and Enterprise Plans are designed for businesses looking to scale their OTT endeavors with extra features and require users to contact Uscreen’s representatives to define custom pricing

5. Brightcove

brightcove logo

Brightcove is an enterprise-level OTT video platform with a long history on the market. This platform is one of the industry giants and is equipped with everything publishers might need to scale their OTT businesses indefinitely. Brightcove’s plans are primarily tailored toward large publishers and enterprises, but even mid-sized creators might find some custom packages they could use.

Most Notable Features
Top-Tier Security Features
Full Platform API
Multi-Bitrate and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Dozens of CRM Integrations
Many Professional Broadcasting Features
Variety of Monetization Options


Unfortunately, Brightcove doesn’t disclose its pricing publicly. Users interested in learning more about their services will have to contact their representatives directly.

6. Dacast

dacast logo

Dacast is one of the leading business-oriented live streaming platforms in the world with excellent Chinese market penetration. The platform allows publishers to deliver and stream video to various devices, including mobile, while also offering many features like video hosting, content delivery, and monetization. If you’re a business looking for a reliable and versatile live streaming solution, Dacast is a sound choice. 

Most Notable Features
Video Hosting & Content Delivery
White-Label Player
Multi-Bitrate and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Video Analytics
Variety of Monetization Models
Full Platform API
Available in China


Dacast has four different pricing plans tailored to businesses of various sizes. Its Starter Plan is best suited for smaller publishers with low bandwidth and storage needs and starts at $39 per month but lacks monetization options. Event Plan unlocks multiple extra features and raises bandwidth and storage limits but raises the price to $63 a month. Scale Plan is Dacast’s largest non-customizable plan that unlocks the platform’s full potential at $188 a month.

Publishers with enterprise-level needs have the platform’s Custom Plan at their disposal, with which they can tailor everything from features to pricing to their needs. Broadcasters interested in this option will have to contact Dacast’s representatives for more info.

7. Kaltura

kaltura logo

Kaltura is an open-source software that provides video-on-demand and live streaming solutions to users worldwide. The platform offers users an easy solution for holding live meetings, webinars, podcasts, and more. Kaltura also supports a variety of third-party integrations, making it especially suitable for marketers and sales professionals. If you find that your needs fit these examples and appreciate high customizability options, Kaltura is the ideal OTT solution for you!

Most Notable Features
Variety of Third-Party Integrations
99.9% Uptime
Multi-Bitrate and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Variety of Monetization Options Available Via Integrations
Access to Full Platform API


Kaltura offers all users a Free Trial option and an Enterprise Plan, but it doesn’t disclose its pricing publically. So if you wish to learn more about what the platform has to offer or sign up for its Free Trial, you will have to contact Kaltura’s representatives.

Start Leveraging the Power of OTT Today!

Did you find our list of the best OTT platforms on the market helpful? Did you find the right one for your business yet? Or do you want to try a few of them out before deciding?

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