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August 31, 2020
Business Plan
Introducing Brid.TV’s Brand New Business Subscription Plan
September 1, 2020

Brid.TV 5.2.0. Update — New Subscription Plan, Plan Manager, Credit Card Payments, and More

Brid.TV 5.2.0. platform update

Hello everyone! It’s been quite a while since our last update, but a new one is finally here! And trust us when we say — it’s bigger than ever, and you’ll love it! Today, we bring you some long-awaited features and many fantastic changes you’re going to adore! So buckle up, and let us show you what our dev team has been working on for so long!

A Plethora of New Features!

There are many notable novelties with this update, so let’s start with the most apparent one — say hello to Brid.TV’s new subscription package — Business Plan! If you’re a medium-sized publisher who doesn’t need all the features of our Premium package but finds the limits of our Basic Plan (now renamed to Essential Plan) too low, our brand-new Business Plan is perfect for you! With it, you will receive higher limits and more features for a premium price! Learn more about the new Business Plan here.

Another novelty that goes hand in hand with our new subscription plan is our brand-new plan manager! But what is this neat addition, and what is it for? It’s quite simple — it’s our new intelligent AI that watches over your bandwidth usage and helps you save money in the long term. But how does it do that? By suggesting a more suitable subscription plan for you if it registers that you’re getting close to your plan’s limits or exceeding them! That way, our plan manager will help you save money in the long run by suggesting a more suitable subscription plan for your needs.

If these two additions weren’t fantastic enough, we’ve also introduced some long-requested quality-of-life changes. From now on, our users finally have the option to pay for their Brid.TV subscriptions using credit cards! That’s right; if you wish so, you can now pay with credit cards

Last but not least, Brid.TV CMS’s interface got a complete visual overhaul, including some minor quality of life improvements and support for the latest V3 improved API, which you can switch to as of today!

Extensive Changelog

Here’s a full list of changes that came with the 5.2.0. update:

  • Plan manager — Introducing a new, intelligent AI that monitors your bandwidth usage. Based on your current usage, our system will now inform you and suggest the best subscription plan for your needs to prevent overage fees and save you from any unneeded costs.
  • Added new V3 improved API. Documentation is available here. API V2 will be deprecated until the end of 2020, so we strongly recommend switching to the latest API.
  • Multiple security improvements. Forms are protected by CSRF Token, Post Token, and Locked Fields. Every submitted input is validated.
  • Added support for copying playlists from the edit playlist screen.
  • With a new redesigned screen, editing playlists is now simpler and faster.
  • Implementation of an Invalid Traffic plugin.
  • Added support for sorting playlists per publishing date.
  • Top bar and left menu redesign.
  • Added support for paying with Credit Cards through WsPay.
  • Multi-language support for English and Serbian. More languages will come in the next releases.
  • Backend optimizations for faster CMS responses.
  • Redesigned Invoice Receipts.
  • A lot of small bug fixes and improvements.

Please, feel free to contact our support team if you need any help with these new features. We’d be glad to help!

Enjoy all the new features!

The Brid.TV Team