Brid.TV Attends IAB Serbia’s Conference on the Digital Industry
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Brid.TV at IAB Serbia’s Conference on the Digital Industry

Digital Day

In the past year, the whole world has had to adjust to the new normal. We’ve seen many changes being made in order to help flatten the curve and minimize the effects of the global pandemic. One of those changes can be seen in the digital marketing and advertising industries.  Namely, many conferences had to be postponed or held virtually in 2020.

However, as the situation has gotten better, it has become possible to hold and attend events that are important for these two industries. One of those conferences is Digital Day, organized by IAB Serbia.

Digital Day took place at the Hilton Belgrade Hotel on June 3 and Brid.TV was in attendance!

That day we had a chance to see many talks, lectures, and discussions that centered around the digital industry. We were reminded once again just how far this industry has come, especially in Serbia.

And there was a lot of action at Digital Day! Participants and guests had a chance to look back at the previous few years, while also having an opportunity to connect with colleagues working in the same field.

Brid.TV at Digital Day

Our company was one of the sponsors of this conference and we were quite proud to be! This year marks ten years since the conference was first held — proving how much the industry has expanded in the last decade. As this is a huge milestone for IAB Serbia, we couldn’t be happier to be there and connect with various professionals.

Apart from sponsoring the event, there was another reason for Brid.TV to be proud. Namely, two of our team members participated in the conference and gave a lecture on the history of online video advertising. As our company’s main focus is this area, we had no doubt that our colleagues Nina and Naum would perfectly show how much this landscape is different now than it was years ago.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and came to our presentation! Huge congratulations go out to IAB Serbia for having organized such an important event despite the difficulties. We hope everyone had fun at Digital Day!

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the conference, you can still connect with us and find out how you can start maximizing your ad revenue!