BridTV Platform Update 4.8.1 - BRID TV
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December 9, 2019
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BridTV Platform Update 4.8.1

BridTV gets better, faster and more intuitive with each update. The latest BridTV video platform release features a number of performance improvements and fixes. 

The full list of changes can be seen below: 

  • Added renditions support labeling. If you’re using custom implementation where you are setting up custom URLs for videos and different renditions, you can manually set (via the embed code) how each rendition will be displayed in the player.
  • You are now able to control the next video preview, so you can choose if you want to display the next video popup in the right corner before the next video. 
  • You can now display a YouTube-like next video timer before the next video is displayed in the player.
  • Added support for unsupported video event in the player. 
  • Added support for preventing rendition change on fullscreen.
  • Added left right offset support for BridTV Sitcky Player implementations to better comply with Better Ads Standards.
  • Added support for implementing In-Content Outstream ad units inside specific div or paragraph on the page when implemented through DFP.
  • Multiple bug fixes.