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April 9, 2021
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April 12, 2021

How to Get Started With Digital Video Advertising

what is digital video advertising

Online video is growing more popular by the day. According to research by Cisco, they predict that over 82% of internet traffic will consist of video by 2022! And should that be surprising? The most popular video-sharing platform in the world, YouTube, has over two billion active users! That is why marketers worldwide began adjusting to these changes in online trends by adapting accordingly. Many began experimenting with digital video advertising and found success!

But what is digital video advertising? And why did it prove so effective? These are just some of the things we’re going to cover in this article. So let’s start with the basics…

What Is Digital Video Advertising and Why Does It Work?

Digital video advertising entails delivering promotional video content to a target audience using various online channels. In other words, it means distributing your video ads over various web content.

But the real question here is — why does it work? The best way to answer that is to take a look at the alternatives. The most commonly used digital ad types out there are traditional display ads, like banner ads. This advertising method has proven relatively ineffective over the years as display ads have low clickthrough rates. That is particularly the case nowadays when an average person’s attention span is lower than ever. With that in mind, marketers need to find new ways of engaging and attracting their audience.

And that is where video ads come into play.

Why You Should Include Digital Video Advertising in Your Marketing Strategy

Luckily for marketers, there are many more benefits to video ads than just advertising effectiveness. Here are some other benefits of using video advertising in your marketing campaign:

  • Videos help you engage your audience — Due to their dynamic nature, videos are much more engaging to viewers than traditional display ads. And if you ever have second thoughts about giving video marketing, know that 54% of consumers expressed the desire to see more videos from brands. If that doesn’t prove how much viewers like video, we don’t know what does!
  • Videos are incredibly flexible — One of the best traits of videos is that they are flexible! What we mean by flexible is that there are many video formats you can use for different purposes. Are you looking to build awareness and brand trust? Make an explainer video! Are you looking to create a hard-hitting ad? Shoot a promotional video! The possibilities are almost endless.
  • Videos are sharable — One of the most significant benefits of video is that users love to share it. Not only is that a direct advantage over display advertising but having a strong social presence is essential for any business in today’s digital world. Fantastic, isn’t it?

As you can see, videos are an incredible addition to any marketing strategy for more reasons than one. But if the above wasn’t enough to convince you of their power, let’s look at some of the concrete aspects videos excel at.

What Do Videos Excel At?

When it comes to concrete benefits for your business, digital video advertising can help in many ways. Depending on the types of videos you make and where you promote them, you can achieve multiple things with them:

  • Generate Leads — Videos are an excellent addition to your lead generation strategy. Because of their accessibility and favor among users, videos help generate leads and even drive conversions.
  • Increase Your Website Traffic — Regardless of the platform you market your videos on, Google highly favors videos on its SERPs. That means you will get a substantial boost to your website traffic either way. 
  • Raise Brand Awareness — Because users love videos so much and since video content is one of the most engaging content types on the web, opting for videos when looking to raise brand awareness is a sound strategy!
  • Drive Conversions — Did you know that as many as 64% of consumers stated that a Facebook video influenced their purchasing decision? That’s right — sales videos have huge potential if you use them wisely! 

As you can see, the benefits of using videos for your advertising purposes are vast. Our points above have hopefully proven the value video ads can bring to your brand. Now all that is left to do is create a video marketing strategy and start advertising!

But before you do that, you will first have to decide which type of video ads you’re going to use. Let’s take a quick look at your options.

Types of Digital Video Ads

When faced with the dilemma of choosing the best video ad format for your brand, you first have to ask yourself what you need as a business. Do you want to place your ads on other people’s videos or promote them on a website? Depending on your answer, you will have two primary options:

  • Instream Ads
  • Outstream Ads

Now let’s look at both of these in more detail.

Instream Ads

instream video ads

Instream video ads entail placing video ads inside existing video content (just like linear video ads). But how does that work? It’s pretty simple — an ad interrupts video playback at a particular point and plays. Depending on when these ads play within a video, there are three primary types:

  • Pre-rolls — These ads play before a video starts.
  • Mid-rolls — These ads play at some point during video playback. That point is called a cue point.
  • Post-rolls — These ads play after the video ends.

Depending on your goals and needs, you can choose one of the above three options. However, we’d personally recommend you stick to pre-rolls or perhaps mid-rolls so that you maximize the odds of your viewers sitting through your ad in its entirety.

Outstream Ads

outstream video ads

Outstream video ads usually appear within website content or on the side while users are scrolling down. However, there are other types of outstream ads as well. Still, they all share one specific trait — they provide an excellent user experience because they don’t interrupt the content users are consuming. That is one of the reasons outstream video ads are a perfect choice for most video marketers.

But since there are many different types of these ads, let’s look at them in more detail:

In-Banner Video Ads

in-banner video ads

In-banner video ads are usually rich media ads like GIFs or short videos in banner ad slots on a particular web page. These don’t always have to be videos, but the video ones are much more effective. These videos are usually quite short and feature a compelling thumbnail. Most often, there are three ways these ads can start playback:

  • By users having to click the play button
  • Automatically playing as soon as they come into sight
  • By users having to hover their cursor over them

Getting started with these ads doesn’t take a huge budget, so these are an excellent choice for businesses looking to cut costs. Using in-banner video ads is a perfect introduction to the video marketing world for most newcomers!

In-Article Video Ads

in-article video ads

In-article video ads are ads that appear in the middle of editorial content on a given website. These ads will pop out once the users scroll down to the specific part of on-page content. These ads are incredibly useful since they don’t disrupt the reader’s experience and are flexible with where you can place them.

Native Video Ads

native video ads

Native video ads match the aesthetics of the site or platform they appear on and are particularly effective at encouraging engagement and boosting brand awareness. These ads are also known as branded ads because they are (typically) hosted on the target website. 

The place where native video advertising is most effective, though, are various social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. There, native video ads appear once you scroll through your feed (similarly to in-article video ads) and automatically play muted.

Interstitial Video Ads

interstitial video ads

Interstitial ads are interactive ads that typically cover the entire screen of a website or application they appear on. These are extremely common ads on mobile devices, especially inside of various mobile apps like video games. They often appear between content so that they don’t disrupt the user experience. If you’re planning to try your hand at mobile video advertising, these outstream ads are likely the perfect choice!

Instream vs. Outstream Ads — Which Are Better?

The short answer to this question is — it all depends on your needs as a business and your target audience. But if you’re interested in seeing how these two types of ads compare, give our article that puts instream and outstream video ad formats against each other a read! 

Now that we’ve inspected all the different digital video ad types you can use, there’s only one thing left to do; let’s look at some of the hot video marketing trends you should keep in mind when getting started!

If you’re looking to try your hand at digital video advertising, there are a few tips that could make or break your endeavors. Here are three video advertising trends you should keep in mind when planning your strategy:

Users Like Shorter Ads

Your customers don’t have all day to dedicate to your video, especially if it interrupted their content. That is why it’s essential to be brief. That’s right — short video ads perform significantly better than long ones. Take a look at the chart below as an example:

Share of total video impressions

With that in mind, you should focus on short-form video advertising rather than dragging your videos on. Oh, and don’t forget to include a compelling hook at the beginning of your ad! If you manage to pique your viewers’ curiosity, you’re more likely to keep them engaged long enough to reach your CTA

The Mobile Market Is the Place to Be

Did you know that over 50% of users watch videos on mobile devices? That’s right! Also, the mobile market is currently incredibly lucrative for advertisers. According to Mobile Marketer, mobile ad spend has jumped significantly as businesses worldwide are recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. You’d be wise to use this momentum to your advantage!

Video Ad Spend Is on the Rise

According to the latest survey by IAB, video ad spend is on the rise! Since 2018, the total digital video ad spend has increased by $3 million according to their data. It’s worth noting that there has been a slight drop in video ad spend in the last few months due to the global pandemic, but that is expected to normalize soon enough and for the growing trend to continue.

Are You Ready to Try Your Hand at Digital Video Advertising?

If you think your business can take advantage of video advertising, why not give it a shot? Now you’re well-equipped to try it out! Remember — marketing is all about following the latest trends and making the best of the current situation, and video is all the rage nowadays. So give it a shot! We guarantee you’ll see excellent results in no time!

Best of luck to you!