Four Industries Investing More in Videos to Engage Audience
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Four Industries Investing More in Videos to Reach Their Audience

industries investing more in videos

2020 is behind us, and marketers are preparing their strategies for 2021 while also analyzing their achievements in the past year. Truthfully, 2020 wasn’t easy on any level. The whole world went through some rough times and people had to adjust to a new normal. Social distancing and lockdowns became the norm, affecting our lives significantly.

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Businesses also had to adapt and discover new ways to reach their target audience. They couldn’t rely on their usual strategies anymore. It was paramount to shift their attention to the online world and interact with their customers there.

Social media, blog posts, and videos became the centers of their attention. If you wanted to draw customers to your brand in 2020, you needed to invest in digital marketing more. Video, in particular, proved to be a useful content type for businesses.

Engaging, digestible, and fun, video is the king of content. More than 50% of customers watch it every day. Also, 81% of businesses use it as a marketing tool. On top of that, video consumption surged in 2020 as people stayed at home to help flatten the curve.

Naturally, brands began to focus on videos more because of these trends. This content type was one of the few tools that enabled marketers to interact with customers and increase brand awareness during lockdowns.

In this article, we will take a look at the top four industries investing more in videos.

Let’s begin!

Video for Healthcare

We’ll start with one of the most important industries in 2020 — healthcare. It’s no surprise that health providers have begun to rely on videos more.

Due to the global pandemic, people have started to increasingly focus on self-care. While practicing social distancing, most of us became concerned with diets and exercises, trying to stay healthy and get fit. This has forced health and wellness companies to change their approach and start making online videos.

From choosing insurance plans to breaking down complex terms, companies are recording explainer videos to help customers understand features and states that have an impact on their lives.

In addition to that, doctors and hospitals are keeping busy as well. They create videos that clarify common procedures or cover medical trends. For instance, some of them talk about preventative measures that can come in handy during a flu season. Others list steps customers should take before going to a popular vacation destination.

To some people, medicine is an intimidating field, and professionals can use video to remove their worries. This content type is helping the industry provide better customer service experience. With friendly, engaging, and useful videos, healthcare companies can connect with their customers and offer meaningful content that solves their problems.

Which are the other industries investing more in videos? Let’s find out!

Video in Education

Education is another field that benefits from online video content. In 2020, most schools and universities decided to try out distance learning because of the coronavirus pandemic. To make this possible, educational institutions began to embrace online videos. In that way, lessons and courses did not have to suffer because of COVID-19.

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Online videos have made things easier for students. They don’t have to worry about missing out on a class or forgetting about their homework. Their teachers have started to record videos of themselves teaching a lesson in history, science, literature, and other courses. How else would they be able to continue business as usual without the help of this content type? So, it’s no wonder that education is one of the industries investing more in videos.

Universities are also now creating extensive libraries of personalized videos that talk about culture, alumni, and other non-academic topics. They are trying to catch the attention of potential students and encourage them to choose them over their competitors.

Furthermore, asynchronous or recorded video messaging is on the rise as the popularity of remote learning increases. Teachers are adopting this method to connect with students, parents, and even each other.

Videos in education attract views, increase engagement, and gather data which schools can use to improve their lessons.

Most professionals have realized how useful videos are. Here are two other industries investing more in videos!

Real Estate Video Marketing

The internet has reshaped the real estate industry. Buying a property is way easier now than it was years ago. Every listing is only one click away and customers don’t need to visit a place in person to see what it offers. However, the industry faces some problems. The market is oversaturated and there are tons of platforms listing the same properties.

But, real estate professionals have found a way to make their portfolios stand out on the internet. Namely, the agencies are now making videos to gain traction, get people to notice their listings, and build trust. After all, purchasing a property is often the biggest investment people make. And videos can help real estate agents persuade them to seal the deal.

From video tours of properties to recordings mentioning the benefits of a specific real estate agency, this industry benefits from videos. This content type enables agents to educate their viewers on topics dealing with mortgages or market trends. Also, it allows them to take their customers on a walk around a property while they’re in the safety of their home.

Real estate video marketing helps companies gain more momentum. Indeed, research shows that listings that rely on video marketing get 400% more inquiries compared to those that don’t. So, it’s logical that this is one of the industries investing more in videos.

Video for E-Commerce

The internet has facilitated the rise of online shopping. After all, the possibility to buy groceries, clothes, or equipment online is appealing. This is especially attractive to people at the time when social distancing is important.

However, it’s not easy for retailers to stand out in this industry. Customers see many ads while surfing the internet, checking their social media accounts, or streaming movies and TV shows. These ads promote various products or services that might come in handy to consumers.

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Video is a powerful tool to use when trying to plug your products on the internet. In fact, 64% of consumers will buy a product after watching branded videos on social media. That’s why companies are rushing to make engaging and informative videos that will sell their products to viewers.

What’s more, branded videos increase awareness and show your company in a new light. In particular, they present a more human side of the business and reveal the ethos around your brand.

As this content type increases engagement, builds trust, and promotes products, it’s not surprising e-commerce is among other industries investing more in videos.

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