Intuitive and Elegant Google IMA SDK Integration at BridTV

BridTV optimizes video and ad technology in accordance with Google IMA standards, complete with Android, Web and iOS support. With Google ad stack fully supported, our platform ensures the best performance.

Ad Formats and Ad Standards

The Brid player relies on high-tech ad SDKs in order to display ads. In addition to Google IMA SDK, we also provide a powerful in-house built-in ad parser. A valid VAST or VPAID response is returned, at which point the Brid player fires up your ad.

Google Ad Manager (DFP) Ad Rules and VMAP

With the IMA standard, you can rely on ad scheduling, which denotes Ad Rules and VMAP. Automatically convert that to VMAP so the SDK can insert the ads correctly. The BridTV ad tech handles ads dynamically and automatically, so there’s minimum hassle on your part. Additional information can be found on the Google Ad Tech page.

Ad Parsing Tech

In-House AD SDK

BridTV customizes every aspect of your monetization according to your business needs. The BridTV Video Player dynamically pinpoints the right ad tech. You choose the player setup and device upon which it is rendering.

Google IMA SDK

Another slick option, tailored for publishers who are using Google Adsense ad tags or Google ADX.