Use BridTV Live Streaming to Stream and Broadcast Live Events

Broadcast and Stream Live Events in High Quality

With BridTV Live Streaming just embed an interactive live experience on your branded site and efficiently monetize live streams utilizing pre-roll video ads and more.


Boost interactivity of your live video content with DVR. Viewers may pause, play, and rewind live events. For anyone who is watching an event after the initial broadcast time, they can easily head to an earlier position of the video.

Multiple Quality Renditions

Maximum video quality depends greatly on your bandwidth and your source. BridTV Live Stream supports adaptive streaming; the HLS live stream features multiple video renditions - the player selects the appropriate video rendition according to device.

Powerful Live Streaming

Massive quality boost for your live streaming, with up to 40,000 kbps live streaming. This particular jump in quality will allow you to make the most out of your live video content, live events, or live media.

Mobile Live Streaming

BridTV Live Stream for mobile streaming - skillfully crafted for performance, quality and a glitch-free viewing experience on the go.


Increase the reach of your live video content with Brid.TV’s Multicast feature. Set up and launch broadcasts on the Brid.TV video platform, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live at the same time. This feature helps you cater to different user tastes and save time.

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