Brid.TV Marketplace: Video Ads Platform With Premium Ad Demand
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BridTV Platform Update 4.9.0
January 9, 2020
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January 29, 2020

Brid.TV Marketplace 2.0: The Ultimate Video Ads Platform

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Brid.TV now takes a significant leap forward by revitalizing its video ads platform with a high-tech upgrade. With the launch of our brand-new Brid.TV Marketplace, publishers now have access to various solutions for optimizing video ad revenue. By relying on this new, easy-to-use video ad provider, publishers can sit back and video monetization at next to no effort. Officially powered by top-tier ad demand, our new ads platform is now a useful tool for publishers looking to increase their ad fill rates.

Monetizing Your Videos Effectively

So what is Brid.TV Markeplace 2.0 all about? It goes beyond ordinary video management and monetization. The Brid.TV Marketplace lets publishers restructure and solidify their video business and optimize it to their desired financial strategy. Feel free to check out how things work on BridTV Ads Marketplace here

Publishers now have instant access to all aspects of their respective video-oriented online business. Structuring your online video business means installing the necessary fundamentals. One of the first questions you should be asking in this instance is: “how to generate more profit with video ads?” The answer is simple, and it revolves around ad technology. The technology to run ads in a secure and reliable HMTL5 video player is just the beginning. With Brid.TV Marketplace, you get access to highly accurate data for all of your videos.    

As soon as you sign in to your Brid.TV Account, activate your Brid.TV Marketplace, and you’re practically all set! It’s a smooth run beyond that point. 

Detailed Video Ads Platform Analytics  

The chief benefit of the BridTV Analytics Engine is the staggering amount of info that’s handled by the system’s machine learning tech. For instance, meticulously gathered data is delivered smoothly and swiftly so you can optimize your video strategy adequately. 

When you combine the above with our monthly reporting feature, it becomes easier to keep your finger on the dynamic pulse of your video business. These features exist to help publishers streamline their video ad revenue generation. The available stats offer full insight into your ad metrics: 

  • Ad Requests: keep an ever-watchful eye on your Brid.TV Marketplace ad requests. 
  • Ad Impressions: the complete number of all impressions made via Brid.TV Marketplace.
  • Fill rate: keep track of your fill rates on the Brid.TV Marketplace demand. 

All of the abovementioned data is just scratching the surface.  

Comprehensive Revenue Calculation and Reporting   

We’re coming to the best part. By using the Brid.TV CMS and video platform, you can reap the full benefits of revenue reporting and video ad data. Our system will deliver all the valuable information to you with a single click of a button. There are no complicated dashboards or metric calculations — just a simple and fast way to get the only info you care about — how much revenue your business generated in the past month (week or day). Here are the most notable metrics you’ll have access to:

Viewability is measured in %. Specifically, the data is counted when users watch at least two seconds of a video ad in view (at least 50% of the ad is on screen).

Avg. eCPM
Monitoring CPM is a publisher’s constant priority, so we’ve made this metric as accessible as possible. Publishers will be able to view estimated CPM across all demand via Brid.TV Marketplace analytics, separated between linear and non-linear ad demand. Publishers can use this vital data to develop and optimize their monetization strategy. 

Estimated profit
One of the most useful features of Brid.TV Marketplace 2.0 is seamless profit tracking. Our Marketplace analytics will deliver the sum estimated revenue from your Brid.TV Marketplace demand.

Sort Per Ad Demand Partner 

As the video advertising market expands, our technology and offer evolve. Conveniently, the powerful Brid.TV Analytics Engine fuels your business with vital data. But at the end of the day, it’s entirely up to publishers how they use it.  

Utilize the Performance Comparison Chart
Get your strategy right. This particular feature will simplify that process. The comprehensive performance comparison chart that comes with our Marketplace allows publishers to easily sort their analytics and ad data by Brid ad demand partners. 

Monthly Revenue Reports 
Each month, you can receive finalized revenue reports. This data shows up during the first week of the following month (e.g., you will receive your July report at the beginning of August). 

Automatic Email Reports 
Our automatic email reports give you detailed insight related to Brid ad demand performance. All you have to do is specify the time frame, and you’ll receive your email report shortly.