Live Stream on Multiple Platforms With Brid.TV’s New Multicast Feature
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December 16, 2020
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December 17, 2020

Stream on Multiple Platforms Simultaneously With Brid.TV’s Latest Multicast Feature

bridtv multicast feature

We are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited multicast feature is now live! As of our latest 5.3.3. platform update, all Brid.TV users can now set up and launch live streams on Facebook Live and YouTube Live while setting up streams over the Brid.TV platform with just a single click of a button!

This easy-to-set-up feature makes getting your live streams in front of as many eyes as possible simpler than ever.

Stay tuned to learn more!

What Is Multicast Streaming?

Multicast streaming allows broadcasters to live stream on multiple streaming platforms simultaneously. In other words, this feature lets streamers seamlessly set up and launch live streams on their website and various other platforms at the same time.

Benefits of Multicast Streaming

Regardless of your brand’s size and audience, there are multiple reasons publishers would want to broadcast on multiple platforms simultaneously:

  • Higher Reach — Each streaming and social media platform has its dedicated user base and unique reach. Combining these with your brand’s reach can help you get your stream in front of more eyes and attract the widest audience possible than if you were only to stream on your website. 
  • Catering to Different User Tastes — The more platforms you stream on, the more inclusive you are toward different user tastes. While some people might not bother to visit your brand’s website to tune into your stream, they might be more than glad to jump on board if you were to stream on Facebook Live, for instance.
  • Time Efficiency — Instead of digging through your stream’s VOD and editing it to publish promotional clips on different social media platforms, why not live stream on them? Using multicasting to your advantage can save you a lot of time for minimal effort on your end.

Multicast Streaming at Brid.TV

Setting up multicasting and syndicating your live streams to Facebook and YouTube Live will take but a few minutes at Brid.TV. The first thing you have to do to take advantage of this feature is set up and launch a live stream at Brid.TV. Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1. Log into your Brid.TV CMS account, select your website, and navigate to the Server Settings under the Live Stream section on the left.

birdtv screenshot 1

Step 2. Choose your server specs and start your live stream server.

bridtv screenshot 2

Step 3. Navigate to the Create Livestream section under Livestream, fill in all the stream details, and launch your broadcast.

bridtv screenshot 3

Step 4. Navigate to the Distribute Livestream section and fill in the necessary information under the YouTube and Facebook sections and start streaming!

bridtv screenshot 4

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully launched your stream on Facebook and YouTube Live with the Brid.TV multicast feature!

All that’s left now is to reap the benefits! Best of luck to you!