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November 2, 2021

12 Types of Marketing Video Content Your Audience Will Love

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Video content has been dominating the online landscape for years now, and there are no signs that it will change any time soon. Popular video platforms like YouTube have over a billion hours of view time daily. Also, people watch at least 100 minutes of video every day nowadays. With that in mind, one has to wonder what the key to reeling in all of these people is and what types of video content all of these folk even watch.

These are some excellent questions, and the answer is quite straightforward — people love videos because they are engaging, exciting, and all-around fun! That should make it unsurprising that video quickly became a potent tool for many marketers out there. 

According to the latest Wyzowl survey, 86% of businesses use video in their marketing strategy. Out of all the respondents, most have found success in one way or another. Here’s what they said:

  • 86% found that videos boosted their website traffic
  • 94% saw positive user feedback, stating that videos helped them better understand their products or services.
  • 78% found that videos increased their sales.
  • 83% noted an increase in dwell time when they featured a video on their landing page.
  • 84% found videos helpful in generating leads.

So what types of video content did these marketers use to find such success? But perhaps the better question is — what kind of videos do users like watching? Let’s find out!

12 Types of Videos People Love to Watch That Marketers Can Utilize

Before we get to our list, we should first mention that not all of these videos will be suitable for everyone. The ones you will settle for will primarily depend on your business needs, as different marketing videos will better suit different goals. What we mean by that is that these videos will most often aim to meet one of the three following objectives:

  • Raising Brand Awareness
  • Engaging Your Audience
  • Educating Consumers

So make sure to pick the right type of video for your campaign carefully! Otherwise, your marketing strategy might not prove as fruitful as you had hoped.

Here are the 12 types of video content marketers can use that people love watching:

1. Interviews

Interviews are an excellent way to build your brand authority and credibility. That is because interviews offer an interactive experience between two speakers, usually industry professionals. That makes these types of videos much more engaging for your audience while also demonstrating your willingness to cooperate and discuss ideas with other professionals. There are many benefits to an interview video format, but here are a few:

  • Your audience gets to hear multiple perspectives on a topic.
  • You get higher reach since your interviewee’s audience will also be watching.
  • This format offers plenty of opportunities for growth for both parties involved.

Besides the above, interviews are not challenging to set up. You don’t need much prep except to find a guest and craft a plan and some questions. If you’re maintaining good relations with other industry experts, you’ll likely have no trouble finding guests for your interviews. Just don’t forget to remind them to share your video on social media!

Want to learn how to film beautiful, cinematic interviews? Check out this video for some valuable tips!

2. Explainer and Tutorial Videos

Do you remember when we mentioned how users used videos to learn about a company’s products? Making tutorial and explainer videos is how you solve their problems! But what are explainer videos? They are a showcase or demonstration of a product in video form. That way, your customers can find answers to most of their questions without having to contact your customer support. 
According to the latest data, explainer videos reduce the number of customer support calls by about 43%. And no wonder! How often did you take your query to search engines like Google only to have an explainer or an educational video pop up? Probably dozens. Check this example:

google serp results for how to clean an AC screenshot

That video up there could be your brand’s! And if your potential customers associate your name with helpfulness, they will be more likely to convert

You could also create some in-depth tutorial videos for your products or work with an influencer to feature your product in their videos. Here’s an excellent example in this makeup tutorial video by Denitslava Makeup:

With over seven million views currently, imagine how much exposure your brand could get if she were using your products. The same principle applies to any niche out there.

3. Product Reviews

Product reviews are an excellent opportunity to get your brand’s name out there. However, these are much more challenging to pull off since you won’t be recording them. Why? What kind of a product video would it be if you were evaluating yourself? Nobody would trust that!

A way to work around that is to get your product to some of your industry’s influencers or review channels or platforms to feature it. That way, you could get them to put in a good word for you and your brand.

Online review platforms and channels have a lot of credibility in consumers’ eyes, so it would be wise to use this in your online marketing strategy. However, the reason these videos are so helpful is that they are unbiased. So even if you agree with someone to promote your product in a review video, make sure it doesn’t look like a paid promotion.

Here’s an excellent example of an unbiased product review:

If your goal is to build trust with your customers, you should give these videos a shot.

4. Personalized Videos

Users adore personalized videos. Why? Because everyone loves to feel appreciated, and that emotion is precisely what these videos aim for.

But what are personalized videos? In brief, they are videos that have adaptive elements that change with each viewer. The most notable examples would be to insert each viewer’s full name, perhaps their address, or merely something related to their favorite hobby. 

These types of videos are most effective when used in video advertising for several reasons. First, they enhance the user experience drastically. Second, according to Instapage, consumers are 80% more likely to buy a product from brands that personalize their experience. Here’s an example of a personalized video used in hotel marketing to illustrate what they look like:

Besides the above, you can also use personalized videos to build brand loyalty. An excellent way to do that would be by sending your customers a personal thank-you or a holiday-greetings video. They are sure to appreciate it!

5. Event Videos

Is there a better way to raise your brand awareness and engage your audience than by live streaming your company’s events? Probably not!

Nowadays, events are all the rage, not only among the general population but many industry professionals as well. Live gatherings of like-minded individuals from your niche are an excellent opportunity to do some personal development and showcase your company’s talent. So why not extend your reach beyond the participants of the event? That’s right — take it online!

There are dozens of free and premium live streaming platforms to choose from, so going live has become easier than ever. It’s often as easy as getting some beginner live streaming equipment, launching a streaming server, embedding your live stream on your website, and promoting your event. After you finish your stream, you can save its VOD and transform it into a beautiful event video.

Need some tips on making and editing an event video? Check out this detailed video guide below!

Last but not least, this type of content will never get stale. Every event is different, so you won’t have to worry about old or outdated content. So if your brand’s going to participate in an upcoming event, make sure you live stream it! 

6. Humorous Videos (Skits)

Just because you wear a business suit during the day doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun at work. Not only can shooting these types of videos be excellent for your company’s team spirit, but it will also serve as a fantastic stress relief.

When it comes to your audience, it shouldn’t surprise you that people need brands to engage them more and more nowadays. After all, everybody is bombarded with content and advertisements from all sides, so your brand’s video will need to stick out to draw your users’ attention. Well, these types of videos are perfect for that!

Not only will they be enjoyable to watch, but they will make your users identify your brand with positive emotions. Talk about a way of raising brand awareness!

Check out this hilarious example of a compelling skit video:

7. Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) Videos

Ask-me-anything (AMA) videos are huge in the business world nowadays, especially for large brands. The reason is that these videos offer brands an opportunity to engage and connect with their consumers actively. The best part about them is that they don’t have to be strictly professional, as even indulging your audience with answers to some silly questions can be beneficial for your brand’s image.

Another wonderful thing about AMAs is that they don’t require much, if any, editing. Because their primary purpose is to answer user-submitted questions, you shouldn’t feel bad even if you simply decide to record them over a Zoom call.

If you decide to try your hand at AMA videos, just remember to stay consistent, as these videos are most effective when you film them regularly. Depending on your audience size, releasing them monthly, weekly, or even daily can do wonders for customer engagement and retention. 

One of the most famous AMA series is Google’s Google Search Central with John Mueller. This series has thousands of avid followers and gets covered regularly by some of the most prominent media outlets in the industry, like The Search Engine Journal. Here’s an example of one of their episodes to inspire you:

8. Behind the Scenes 

If you’re looking to attract new talent and raise brand awareness, there is no better way than by showcasing and promoting your company’s culture. That is where behind-the-scenes videos come in! These videos are easy to make, but they are incredibly appealing to consumers.

This type of video content incorporates the human element into an otherwise estranged relationship that brands usually have with consumers. Seeing how the company operates from within, witnessing how employees feel about their workplace, and the company opening up to their consumers will increase user trust. That will, in time, lead to increased conversion rates and better customer retention.
Perhaps the most effective of these types of behind-the-scenes videos would be employee features. Here’s an excellent example from Nordeus of how those would look:

But what makes these particularly effective? The answer is simple — they have high credibility since they represent an individual’s personal view of the company. That is what makes employee feature videos resonate so well with your audience.

9. Presentations and Live Talks

The most well-known examples of this type of video content are the famous TED Talks.

TED logo

These have taken the world by storm in recent years, and their popularity is ever-growing. With that in mind, they stand as living proof of how this content format can be potent at both engaging and educating your audience. And the best part is that you build your brand presence by participating in such or similar events. 

So why not sign your company up for a conference or two a year? Not only will you be able to improve your employees’ skills, but you’ll also get an opportunity to showcase yours and turn that into a video!

10. FAQ Videos

FAQ videos are a handy content type that can help your audience at every step of their customer journey. These videos serve as an automated way of helping your prospects solve pressing issues or resolve any dilemmas they might have about your brand or product.

The best way to incorporate these videos is into an easily accessible, dedicated FAQ section on your website. Alternatively, you could also make them readily available on your social media profiles or YouTube channel. 

If you’re unsure which questions about your business to answer, here are a few ideas to help you identify what your audience may be interested in:

  • Browse through your old emails and look for questions some of your past leads had.
  • Go through the comments section on your social media channels and blog and see what people are asking.
  • Use a keyword research tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush to search for the most frequently asked questions about your business niche.

Once you find out your customers’ pain points, answering them in a video can help reduce the strain on your customer support team and improve retention. These videos will also serve as excellent guides for customers in the consideration stage of the marketing funnel, which is a double win.

11. Testimonials

There is no better way to build brand credibility than testimonials videos. According to Boast, customer testimonials had the highest rating of effectiveness for content marketing at 89%. That makes it evident most consumers will look up a testimonial or two before purchasing your product. That is why these videos are some of the most useful ones you can make to improve customer conversion rates.

So how do you get to filming these? It’s pretty straightforward — you just have to find a customer willing to leave a video testimonial, send them a few questions, and record! Here are a few areas that your questions should cover:

  • Ask about their primary concern about your product.
  • Find out how your product helped them reach their desired goals.
  • Ask them about their favorite features of your product.
  • Check if they got any unexpected benefits from your product.

And if you need further inspiration, here is an excellent example of a well-crafter customer testimonial video for Yum Yum Videos:

Oh, and don’t forget to promote and syndicate your testimonial videos. Share them on your social media accounts, forward them to your sales team, and watch as qualified leads start pouring in!

12. Vlogs

Vlogging has been gaining a lot of prominence in the online world lately, particularly on YouTube, with dozens of popular vloggers popping up on the platform. But what are vlogs in the first place? They are, literally put, video blogs. In other words, they are videos of users’ everyday routines during which they usually interact with their audience by talking to the camera.

For marketers, this type of video content can help build brand awareness and credibility and connect with their audience. Like behind-the-scenes videos, vlogs have intrinsic human elements added to an otherwise estranged entity — a company. On top of that, they are easy to make, spontaneous, and authentic! 

So why not spice up your daily marketing routine with a few vlogs? Many big names in the marketing world like Gary Vee are already using them and reaping the rewards.

Although you can’t craft your entire video marketing strategy around vlogs, they are still a potent supplement to other video types on this list.

Are You Ready to Give Video Content a Shot?

What do you think about these video content types? Are you ready to try some of them out? Don’t worry; you won’t need to pay an arm and a leg to start making videos. Anyone can make a professional video studio on any budget or even start by filming most of these on their phone.

If you’d like to give video content marketing a shot but are unsure how to start, we have a free e-book that will teach you everything you need to know to make an eye-catching and engaging video your viewers will love. Check it out at the link below, and best of luck on your journey!