Brid.TV Platform Update 5.6.0. — Dropbox Integration Feature, Video Carousel Upgrade, and More
Brid.TV 5.6.0. Update — Dropbox Integration Feature, Video Carousel Upgrade, and More
March 26, 2021
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March 30, 2021

Using Dropbox Integration Feature to Add Video Content

Dropbox Integration Feature: Add Your Video Content in a Few Steps

Our development team has been working hard lately to bring innovative solutions to publishers and content creators. We’re excited to introduce the newest feature which you’ll certainly love! Our latest platform update brought this addition to our video platform that will make the video management process easier, and enable you to integrate with Dropbox!

Let’s find out more about this integration with Dropbox!

What Is Brid.TV’s Native Dropbox Support?

Brid.TV’s Dropbox integration feature is a useful addition to our video platform that allows publishers to add video content directly from this website to their Brid.TV libraries in just a few clicks! In other words, you can streamline the entire video management process and enable our platform to retrieve and upload videos stored on Dropbox.

How to Use Native Dropbox Support

Our Dropbox integration feature is easy to use — it doesn’t require any technical know-how! All you have to do to get started is to access our CMS and login to your Brid.TV account. From there, click on your website and take the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Videos” section, and select “Dropbox” from the list of options available.

Step 2: Click on “Choose from Dropbox.”

Step 3: A pop-up window will appear and you should sign in to your Dropbox account.

Step 4: Select the file you want to upload and click on “Import.”

Step 5: Our video platform will begin uploading your file and it will become available to you soon.

Step 6: Edit the video details if you wish and showcase this content to your audience!

You’ve now successfully added video content from Dropbox to your video player! Pretty straightforward, right? Use this Dropbox integration feature every time you have new content you want to show off to your target audience!