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Video Analytics 101: Understanding Ad Performance With Detailed Error Reporting

Online video advertising has become an increasingly competitive playing field. Mind you, it is also highly lucrative business, should you play your cards right. Getting ahead in the online video market right now means you’re already fighting an uphill battle. Just know that you can make it through any battle if you are well-equipped.

Your adversaries are most likely angling for the same thing you are, so how do you beat them? To have the edge over the competition, it’s vital to know exactly how to use video, because that’s the fastest way to reach audiences these days.

Knowing your way around videos, setting up the right metrics, is all fine and well, but you need to make the most out of your video analytics. Now, there are various tools and solutions out there that can help you capitalize on organic traffic. More importantly, they can speed up video monetization and maker your video content more effective in general.
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Leading-Edge Metrics and Error Reporting

Modern-day publishers and online businesses are relying more and more on paid ad performance, which should be the essential ingredient of your digital marketing strategy in 2019. Setting up the perfect digital marketing strategy needs to work like a well-oiled machine, so in order to see it work to its full potential you need to think about each and every component. Take it step by step. Optimize your videos and analyze ad performance, as well as relevant data. That’s how you remain on top of your game.

Making your own mark in the video ad business has never been simpler. Your foremost concern is to understand video ad performance. Strong and reliable video analytics and detailed error reporting will help you get ahead. You will be able to:

  • Meticulous error reporting helps you keep an eye on ad performance.
  • Gain instant and specific data when media creatives perform poorly.
  • Get detailed error stats per ad tag in your waterfall.
  • Get deep insight into why certain tags are performing poorly.

Incorporating powerful video analytics helps you with all of these aspects, in addition to assisting you to root out every possible VAST error code.
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Asking the Right Questions

Keeping things as straightforward as possible should be your general rule when it comes to setting up your business metrics. As a publisher, this is something you are no doubt fully aware of. Just ask yourself the following questions:

  • How is my fill rate so low?
  • How is it that certain ads are not being displayed?
  • How is it that certain media creatives are performing poorly?
  • How do I get better insight into ad performance?

Having an enhanced analytics system focuses specifically on detailed error reporting. This is a key feature that allows you to better understand ad performance, in addition to helping you improve ad performance.

Nailing Your Strategy With Leading-Edge Video Analytics

When marketing your product or brand via video ads, reaching the desired audience is one thing. The question is: how do you know if ads are performing well? If they are, well then you have no worries, albeit you still have to have the right insight. On the other hand, if media creatives are performing poorly, well, you need to get to the bottom of it as fast as possible. Just focus on the right data.

By paying attention to certain metrics it will be considerably easier to tell what works on customers and what doesn’t – or to be more specific, which advertising content gets the attention and engagement and which doesn’t.
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When it comes to accurate and effective video analytics, audience demographics alone may not be enough. Video ads need to make their way to the right individuals. Basic demographics are merely one part of a bigger picture. Stop focusing so much on data such as click-through rates. How particular video content performs is more important and in order to dramatically increase ad performance you have to pinpoint what matters:

  • Video engagement: this refers to just how many viewers interacted with the ad or video in question and that denotes likes, shares, clicks and, of course, conversions.
  • Video completion rate: watching the ad from start to finish is as important as basic clicks and engagement. If someone watched the entire ad, that is valuable info.
  • Social network relevance: presence on social network websites is an excellent way of knowing how engaging your content is. For example, when it comes to video ads, Twitter and Facebook have their own specific metrics such as Relevance Score, which allows them to determine how relevant certain ads are to targeted audiences. The bigger the score, the greater the chance that the ad will be served again.
  • Conversions: last but certainly not least, is how many viewers reacted to the ad, interacted with it (engaged) and took the next step (CTA – Call-to-Action). This indicates that the ad did its job and the customer made the purchase – or at very least a Sign-up, Register or Subscription was achieved.