Optimize Ad Performance With Powerful Video Analytics at BridTV

Powerful Ad Metrics and Video Analytics Engine

Optimize the performance of all your creatives and relevant media. Zero in on crucial video and ad data with enhanced BridTV Analytics.

Video Analytics Overview

Our powerful in-house analytics engine caters to your every need. As a web publisher you can maximize the effectiveness of any video-oriented business. Keep track of everything from viewer engagement to specific ad performance.

Browser Device insights
You won’t get far without device-based traffic data and content performance data.
Viewer Engagement Monitoring
Clear-cut engagement data and general video metrics (unique views, video plays, etc.).
Traffic Sources
Quick and easy access to detailed organic traffic data and referral data.
Location-based straightforward traffic data, giving you a chance to focus on areas of the globe where your campaigns are most effective.
Ad Performance
AD requests & AD impressions graphs that display ad performance either by ad slot or platform device, are extremely accurate and will give you enough data so you can upgrade or adjust your monetization strategy.

Analytics Segmentation

Tracking and analyzing your video content just got better. With our powerful video analytics you can segment your data according to your needs, thus pinpointing vital aspects of your content: this includes Tracking Per Video, Tracking Per Video Player, Tracking Bandwidth Consumption and so much more. Take a look:

Tracking Stats & Behavior Per Video
That's right, you can now incorporate analytics per video into your personalized metrics. The comprehensive video analytics engine was optimized and fine-tuned to give you accurate data and statistics based on the performance and behavior of each and every one of your videos.
Tracking Playlist Performance
Want to know how your playlists are doing? No problem. BridTV Analytics supports analytics data per user-created playlist. In other words, we give you the ability to receive precise analytics data per each playlist within Brid.
Detailed Analytics Per Player
One of the biggest advantages of BridTV Video Analytics is the ability to track individual video players across your entire network/site. For example: if you have several players -- one on Facebook, one on the AMP sidebar, one on your Home Page, and one In-content -- you can now track the data related to each of those players.
Bandwidth Consumption
Our accurate data and powerful analytics engine tracks your bandwidth consumption every step of the way, so you don't have to worry. This particular facet allows you to save on bandwidth costs dramatically.
Outstream Performance
Thanks to our updated analytics engine, you now have the option to tweak and re-tweak every single Outstream Unit. Tracking the performance of individual Outstream Units proved to be an extremely valuable feature, one that we highly recommend if you're looking to properly boost monetization and optimize performance.

Brand-New Analytics API

Incorporate BridTV Analytics into every aspect of your development process. Our highly advanced programmatic method API enables you to migrate your analytics and data from the BridTV CMS. This is going to be an immense time saver and it will also allow you to create custom reports. Translate relevant data and key infrastructure into code in order to integrate your Brid Analytics with other business applications.

Analytics API

Boost Your Video Engagement

Achieve growth with precise ad metrics stats and vital data points. BridTV Analytics 2.0 provides ad tag metrics, as well as a breakdown of ad performance, allowing you to focus on all the stats that matter, so you can improve both audience engagement and ROI.

Fast and Sleek Ad Metrics
Apart from gaining access to BridTV Marketplace (Google ADX) ad metrics reporting, the BridTV Analytics Engine 2.0 also features reporting for BridTV Player analytics via the BridTV CMS.
Pinpoint Actionable Audience Behavior
Know your best videos and ads with precise visitor / user data. With facets like fast data gathering and Nielsen Integration, you can gain valuable insight into audience behavior.
Locate Ad Errors
Finding specific ads that have underperformed for whatever reason is one of the most essential components of valuable analytics. With BridTV Ad Error Reporting, this will be a piece of cake.

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