Video Carousel: Monetize Without Actual Video Content
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Video Carousel: Monetize Without Video Content in 2021

While reflecting on the last 12 months, we can safely say that 2020 was a big year for video. Namely, early on, Cisco predicted that there would be almost 1 million minutes of video crossing the Internet per second by 2020. This is a true testament to the power of this medium. Of course, no one could have predicted that many countries would be in lockdown in 2020, with people working from home and saying goodbye to their normal routines like shopping at the mall. But, that’s what happened.

The situation hasn’t changed much now that we are in 2021. And it seems that this year will also see an increase in online video consumption. There’s no stopping this marketing tool!

Video Is the King of Content

During this unprecedented time, publishers and content creators remain focused on their brands, trying to find ways to expand them and generate more revenue. Naturally, it can be tough to determine what your next move should be. After all, you have to keep up with the ever-changing industry and face a fierce competition. We at Brid.TV are more than aware of this. That’s why we’re constantly improving our video platform to meet your every need and demand.

Want to maximize your video ad revenue? Brid.TV Marketplace can help you!

With 86% of businesses using video as a part of their marketing strategy, we feel compelled to tell you it’s time to leverage this medium in your advantage! Indeed, the numbers don’t lie — 52% of marketers state that video is the type of content with the best return on investment.

But what if you don’t have video content on your website? What if your blog is mainly text-based? Does this mean that you can’t have a share of the video pie? Well, thankfully, it doesn’t. This is because Brid.TV has developed the technology that is more than capable of helping you monetize your website. This addition to Brid.TV can be described as the perfect video solution or content management solution.

We’re talking about our Video Carousel. Let’s find out more about it!

Brid.TV’s Video Carousel Unit

It’s not surprising why more and more businesses have started to rely on videos. They are effective and engaging, leaving other content types behind. In fact, consumers absorb 95% of a message presented in a video, while they retain a mere 10% when reading it in text. No wonder that publishers have increasingly begun to add video content to their websites. If you’re one of them, you’re probably using an HTML5 video player to monetize your videos.

On the other hand, your site might be text-based and devoid of any actual video content. Regardless of this, you seem to be attracting a decent amount of traffic. And to capitalize on the increasing number of visitors, you might be toying with the idea of monetizing your website. But, how can you achieve this without video content? Easy — with Brid.TV Carousel!

In other words, our Video Carousel functions as a content management solution alternative, aimed at helping publishers resolve the above-mentioned problem. Namely, even if you don’t have videos, Carousel helps you monetize your content.

How Does It Work

Our Video Carousel may be a dream come true to those publishers who’ve been looking for a monetization solution for quite some time now. We didn’t want those of you without actual video content to miss out on the chance to monetize, so that’s how Brid.TV Carousel came to be. But, how does it work?

Well, you need to enter links or an RSS feed based on which our Video Carousel unit will come up with custom-made videos. In a nutshell, this unit can take certain elements from the given URL, including the article title and featured image, and then join them together so that it can create an animated video. After this, it presents the custom-made video in a video carousel package.

It’s important to note that a maximum of five images can be added to the unit. Not only that, but also publishers are the ones who determine the exact time of the transition between the slides.

To get a better idea of how our Video Carousel works, check out this video:

Sources for Video Carousel

Now, you may be wondering which sources the Video Carousel accepts to create videos. To help you with this, we’ve listed them below:

  1. Any URL that leads to a valid article that includes standardized HTML tags for title, text, and images.
  2. Any standardized RSS feed with the required nodes such as title, description, image, and publish date.

After you add your source, the unit will take the needed information from it, add animations, and make a video based on them. So, when you get your video, you can then embed it using our Brid player. Make sure to set up monetization for the video so that you can begin monetizing your content and website!

Other Video Carousel Options

This particular technology comes with numerous options which you can decide to use while monetizing your site. Let’s check them out:

  • Video Player Controls: The Video Carousel lets you decide whether you want the Brid.TV Video Player controls to be displayed on or removed from the unit.
  • Auto-Sync with Your RSS Feed: Another option at your disposal is to connect the unit with your RSS feed. If you opt for this, then the unit will look for new articles every 2-3 hours and import images from them.
  • Add “Read More” Button: You can add this optional button, allowing it to float at the bottom of the Carousel unit.
  • Managing Your Slides: The Video Carousel leaves it up to you to set the time frame between every slide in seconds, permitting you to select a custom value to your liking.
  • Click-through Parameters: Following an update to this unit, you can now append parameters to click-through links.

As you can see, the technology driving the Video Carousel is both advanced and sophisticated.

Start Monetizing Now

Now that you have the Video Carousel, you can join others who have effectively monetized their websites! You just work on updating your website and adding new articles, and leave the monetization part to us. Of course, the Carousel unit isn’t the only solution we offer to publishers and content creators around the world. If you want to improve monetization, then check out our Outstream Ads. On the other hand, if you want to track ad performance in real time, we suggest looking at our Ad Analytics

No matter what your needs are, here at Brid.TV we can meet them and offer a top-of-the-line video platform, together with extensive monetization options. Contact us if you have any questions!