Video Engagement Just Got Better, With Brid.TV and Machine Learning
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Better Video Engagement With New Video Player Features

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The current state of video technology is fascinating to say the least. The entire IT scene greatly depends on video, and video is the most valuable tool for web-based businesses. However, it must be said so many changes are going on in this particular market. Reinvigorating your video marketing strategy is vital. As you strive to improve your overall business tactics for the months and years to come, you’ll no doubt be focusing on video even more. This has been one of our goals here at Brid.TV as well. Many months of hard work have been poured into creating more intuitive video tech. What’s more to the point, we’re thinking increasingly more about user engagement and video engagement. You’re about to find out why.  

Examining Video Trends 

We have been examining tendencies and trends in the current market. At this point, we are extremely curious about the things to come. The forecast for video marketing trends in 2020 are bright and, yes, you guessed it: video is at the center of it all. As a formant, video has a tremendous influence on audiences, especially in advertising. Of course, at the end of the day people still look towards video as their choice of format for consuming content as well. Video creates a powerful on users. Understanding audiences is key. When it comes to content (any kind of content) people desire quality. Things rarely change in that regard. It is also important to emphasize video. It has been noted that users consume video in greater depth other types of content. Vital stats such as that need to be an essential segment of your video strategy in the coming year.  

If you’re keeping your focus on ROI (and who isn’t, really?), then you’ll be keen to know that 40% of marketers say video content generates the best ROI when compared to Photos (27%), blog posts (12%), text (10%), infographics (9%) – via Animoto

The YouTube Phenomenon 

Yep, it’s honestly almost impossible to talk about video and not mention YouTube. The world’s biggest public online video service achieved massive growth in the past few years. Don’t take our word for it, check out the following YT stats (as revealed over at YouTube). What’s really amazing is that the video platform currently exceeds 1 billion hours when it comes to daily watch time. According to the Google-owned service, over two billion users log into YouTube and visit the site every month. 

Of course, you cannot take video into account without considering the importance of mobile. YouTube revealed that over 70% of view time originates from mobile devices. In terms of audiences 

15. More 18 to 34 year olds watch YouTube than any TV network. (YouTube)

Brid.TV’s Machine Learning Algorithm Enhances Your Video Engagement 

Inspired by ongoing the online video scene, we successfully enhanced our in-house AI-powered to provide more choices for web publishers. The goal was to offer: 

Brid.TV’s sophisticated video technology has allowed us to incorporate a valuable addition to your HMTL5 video player. The newly implemented system focuses on optimizing recommended/related videos in your own Brid.TV video player. 

With this feature activated, you can easily boost user engagement, or video engagement in general. The technology we’ve created also relies heavily on our highly advanced analytics engine. Based on machine learning and powerful tech, the system accumulates data from different video metrics. From here on, suggested or related videos will be displayed, thus increasing chances of user engagement. 

To learn more about these features, please feel free to contact us.