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Video on Landing Pages: How to Increase Conversions

how to use video on landing pages

Imagine this perfect scenario: Every person who visits your landing page is so enchanted by your brand, products, or services that they immediately take action. Wouldn’t you like to live in this world? We know, most marketers would.

While it’s difficult to predict how your landing page will perform, there’s one thing you can do to increase conversion rates: use video on landing pages. Across different industries, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%. If you get lucky, you might have a landing page with conversion rates of 11.45% … or ever higher.

Furthermore, adding a video on the page is a sure-fire way of capturing attention, conveying your message, and influencing visitors to take a desired action. In the end, all of this can increase conversion rates, and that’s what every marketer wants.

Today, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. So, it’s highly likely that your brand already has great marketing videos that you publish on the website, social media, or elsewhere. Landing pages are another place where you can showcase those videos and nurture customers. If you’re yet to make videos, we suggest you research which type your audience will love.

Once you record a clip, it’s time to show it to the world. Let’s take a look at our tips on how to use video on landing pages and more!

Wait… What’s a Landing Page?

Before we start, let’s clear up any confusion that might exist around landing pages.

A landing page is a standalone web page that is created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Basically, it’s a place where your customers “land” after they click on a link either on social media, ads from Google and other search engines, or in emails.

Unlike those typical web pages, marketers create landing pages with one focus in mind. That’s what we know as a call-to-action (or CTA) in the marketing world. Technically, any online page can be a landing page. However, a landing page is conversion-focused and its aim is to encourage people to take some action. This page usually features:

  • Few (sometimes not even one) links to other pages
  • Usually no navigation
  • Clear and obvious call-to-action
  • Minimal distractions

Simply put, landing pages have one job to do and industry experts try their best to make sure they do it well.

Why Use Video on Landing Pages?

Why should you use video on landing pages? For starters, internet users are skimmers. Although 53% conduct research before making a purchase, they want to reach their decision quickly and efficiently.

Video is a marketing tool that can communicate your message clearly and directly. Viewers don’t need to read huge chunks of text to understand your point —  they only have to press play. In fact, 59% say they’d rather watch a video than read text. This also has to do with the fact that people have short attention spans. So, a medium that catches their attention in less than ten seconds is what they like and want.

Furthermore, use video on landing pages because it can establish an emotional connection with users. Not only that, it can also make information regarding a product or service easy to understand and more digestible.

This all sounds great and we have some statistics that make a convincing case for video on landing pages:

  • 96% of consumers have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
  • 86% of customers wanted to see more brand videos in 2020.
  • 84% of people have purchased a product or service after watching a video.

And that’s why you should add video on your landing page.

Give your customers what they want and crave —  a concise, engaging, and educational brand experience by way of video.

Video Types for Landing Pages

All the above information sounds great. But, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. What video types work best on landing pages?

Frankly, the answer to this question depends on your brand and your goals. After all, a landing page for a cosmetics company will look different from a landing page for a food delivery service. But, just know this in any case —  videos can increase conversions by 80%.

We’ll go over four video types you can use on landing pages. Decide which one is most suitable for your brand and try it out!

Customer Testimonials

Have you heard about social proof? This term describes a phenomenon wherein people tend to copy the actions of their peers in order to mimic correct behavior for a given situation. This is a powerful tool if your aim is to build trust with potential customers.

In other words, you’re telling prospects “Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our satisfied customers have to say.” It’s important that you add this element to your landing pages. How can you do that? Well, by making customer testimonial videos.

Sure, you can talk about your brand and the tangible benefits of your products. But, people will really pay attention if they hear praises from a person who’s just like them.

Educational Video

Video marketing is so diverse you have different ways to impress and engage your visitors. For instance, you can do this by way of educational videos. Don’t worry, these aren’t those long and boring videos that no one wants to watch. Quite the contrary, these videos your customers want to see.

This type of video on landing pages builds trust with your audience as it tells them information related to your business. And it does so in a clear and entertaining way.

Some marketers are reluctant to teach and not advertise as they don’t see any benefit from it. However, this marketing effort does have benefits. Namely, it establishes authority, making your brand come across as an expert in the field. As a result, people will trust your brand more.

Moreover, by answering your customers’ questions through educational videos, you form a connection with them. This can increase brand visibility and awareness while also driving traffic to your website.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos inform your viewers about your brand, offer, product, or service in a short and easy-to-understand format. They usually focus on specific issues or pain points, revealing to customers how the company can help with those problems.

Regardless of how complex your brand and offer are, explainer videos can simplify them for your audience in two minutes or even less. Customers love this format because it directly conveys what your solution is for their problem. So, use this video on landing pages if you want to generate leads.

Product Demo

A product demo video explains how your product or service works by showing it in action. This video type is a compelling way to illustrate your product’s value to prospects. It urges people to buy what you offer by showing how it solves an issue. For most customers, a product demo video simplifies processes and teaches them how to use a product or service.

As we said, select the video type that best suits your business and the message you want to convey.

Tips for Video on Landing Pages

Now that we know what video types to use on landing pages, it’s best to go over some practices as well. As you’ll see, there are many approaches you can take when you decide to add videos to these pages. Let’s see what might encourage your customers to fill out the form or subscribe to the newsletter.

Go with an Enticing Thumbnail

A video thumbnail represents your content and encourages viewers to watch it. A fun, friendly, and enticing thumbnail that features a person usually has a higher engagement rate than a generic image or brand logo.

Align Your Video with Page Content

Be consistent throughout, especially when you’re adding media to a web page. Your video needs to align with the overall message or offer to attract customers. Not only that, but it also needs to fit in with design elements and text.

Be Short

Try as they might, marketers can’t confirm which video length works for a landing page. But, they do know that the clip shouldn’t be too long. Let’s say that 30 seconds works best for an offer, then 60 seconds for an explainer, and around 90 seconds for a customer testimonial.

Don’t Use Autoplay

This isn’t the advice you should follow only for landing pages. Namely, customers aren’t crazy for videos that autoplay and disrupt their user experience. Don’t force them to watch your video —  you’ll only get the opposite reaction. What you should do is let them engage with the video on their own terms.

But, if you’re keen on autoplaying your video, consider muting it.

Include Call-To-Action

Don’t forget to establish your goal when using video on landing pages. What do you want your video to achieve? In most cases, marketers want customers to provide their personal information or subscribe to the newsletter. So, why not tell them that in the video? Add call-to-action and make it clear what action you want viewers to take after the video has ended.

Video and Landing Pages: A Match Made in Heaven

We hope that our article has shown how important videos are for landing pages. With this engaging and compelling medium, brands can increase conversion rates, generate leads, and drive more traffic to their websites. So, jump on the video bandwagon, and your landing pages will produce great results in no time!